KCBS National Steak Championships Contest Rules

KC Strip Steak – KCBS National Steak Championship Series Category Rules

The KC Strip Steak is the exclusive protein of KCBS National Steak Championship Series. This is a competitive series where cooks can showcase their skills presenting judges with a Kansas City Strip Steak that stands above all others.

Steak Rules

The Official Specifications of the Kansas City Strip Steak have been created in order to allow each steak cook the flexibility to choose their preferred size/weight of cut to fit their particular style of Cooking within the following specifications.

All Official steaks shall be designated as Choice Grade. This official Choice Grade standard which was developed, maintained, and interpreted by the United States Department of Agriculture’s, Agricultural Marketing Service. Each Steak must meet a thickness tolerance ranging from 1 and 1/8th Inch thickness (2.857 cm) minimum thickness and 1 and 5/8th Inch (4.127 cm) maximum thickness. Each Steak Must also be a minimum weight of 10 ounces (0.283 kg) and a maximum weight of 16 ounces (0.453 kg) in weight as could be indicated by an affixed weight label produced by the official supplier of the product.

Only the official specified Strip steak sourced from official providers will be allowed. All steaks certified as official for competitive use will be presented in the provider’s original vacuum packaging and will have the provider’s USDA Establishment (EST) code. KCBS has multiple official providers and each provider has their own USDA EST code that must be visible to the inspector.

  1. There are no restrictions as to the number of steaks the cook may possess at their cook site or any limit on the number of steaks they choose to prepare and cook to create their entry for judging.
  2. Provider vacuum packaging may not be compromised in any way. This means no trimming, no injecting, opening or resealing the providers’ packaging prior to inspection.
  3. All steaks in possession must be inspected to meet official requirements. Any steaks not meeting the official requirements of inspection by the Contest Official shall be removed from the cook site.

Cooking Rules for the KCBS National Steak Championships Series Contests

  1. All KCBS Master Series Rules and Regulations shall apply with the following exceptions:
    1. Strip Steak Ancillary permits the use of any heat source (gas, electric, charcoal, Souse Vide, wood, Solar, Cast Iron skillet over direct heat, directly over open coals, Searzall Torch, etc.).
    2. In addition to optional garnish, cooks may elect to line the bottom of the Styrofoam container with aluminum foil. A single layer of aluminum foil on the bottom of the approved container will not be considered a foreign object and will not result in a disqualification. Clear food film is also allowed to cover slices in the turn in box and will not be considered a foreign object.
  2. Cooks are allowed to share the same cooking device however; each team must cook their own entry in its entirety. Sharing of duties during the preparation, cook or turn in is prohibited.
  1. Cooks are allowed to enter as many qualifying events as they choose however they may only submit one entry per event.
  2. Each entry must contain at least six (6) slices of the entry in the approved container. An entry may contain as many slices as the cook chooses; including submission of one whole uncut steak to accentuate the skill for appearance, in addition to the minimum of six slices or may just present slices. No chopped, ground, shredded, portions will be acceptable in the entry and will be considered as a foreign object.
  3. Garnish is optional; if Garnish is used, it must comply with the official garnish rules of the KCBS Master Series events. A hot steak entry may present a potential risk to melt through or damage a turn in box. Cooks may choose from the following:
    1. KCBS garnish as provided in the Master Series Rules.
    2. Competitors may elect to cover the bottom of the Styrofoam container with aluminum foil, with or without garnish. Competitors electing to use a single layer of foil will not be considered in violation of the foreign object rule.
  4. Enhanced grill marks or sear marks are not encouraged and are criteria for deducting points for both presentation and taste. The goal is to get a golden to brown color on as much surface as possible
  5. The use of clear food service film directly covering the presentation placed in the approved provided turn in container will be considered legal and may be used at the option of the cook. The Cook may build their box and cover it with a food service film (i.e., Saran Wrap, Glad Wrap, etc.). If clear plastic wrap is used, it will be removed by the Table Captain at the time of presentation to the judges for Appearance scoring and not before, to maintain the integrity of the entry as long as possible. This is to reduce the browning or discoloration effect from oxidation of the cooked beef slices.

Please contact the contest’s KCBS Rep with any questions.

Current listing of Official KCBS Kansas City Strip Steak Providers:

  • Creekstone Farms
  • Double R Ranch (a Snake River Farms brand)
    This list is subject to updates, please check the KCBS Website for details.